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Joseph Toole

Joe has been working in glass for over 40 years, starting when he was in college in California.  Originally his focus was primarily stained glass, but expanded as he learned from other artists, their designs and and their techniques.  He continues to add new approaches and materials to his work, which can incorporate fusing, painting, etching, cold working and other approaches. 


"The turning point for me in glass was when I started putting more of myself into the design of my work.  To me, glass is so limitless in its inspires creativity and challenges me to take even more risks in my designs. 

Understanding glass as a medium...its clarity, chemistry, and properties...has also allowed me to experiment with new approaches.  Part of the fun of working in glass is simply not always knowing how something will turn out." 


Although Joe has done glass for most of his life, he has donated most of what he makes to local and national charities to support their fundraising.  He continues to seek opportunities to help these groups through his glass work, donating at least half of his sales to these charities.


In his "other life" Joe has been an advocate for roadway safety and transportation innovation.  After retiring as a government executive and consultant, he is now enjoying having more time to work on glass in his studio in Reston, well as time for grandchildren, music, travel...  

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