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For most of past three decades, Joe has given nearly all of his glass work to support local schools and charities.  Whether it is for a gala charity auction or a school's craft fair, Joe has found real joy in using glass as a means to help these groups.  In addition, he has taken his passion for glass into the classroom, giving children a chance to create something beautiful in this amazing medium.  He would love to help other artists do the same and would welcome sharing his experiences or collaborating on other projects.

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For years, Joe has donated individually designed fused glass pins to multiple local and national charities as a fundraiser. All the proceeds from the sales are donated to these groups. 


Since the 1990's, Joe has been going into local schools to share his passion with glass, whether it is conducting glass fusing workshops for elementary students, or working with high school students to design and build stained glass windows.  


Joe has donated many pieces of his work to charity organizations for fundraising auctions.  The response has been tremendous and a wonderful means to share this art with the community.

  • Charities that have been supported:

  • ARC of Northern Virginia

  • Kittelson Charitable Foundation

  • Alexandria-Arlington Coalition for the Homeless 

  • Women's Transportation Symposium Scholarship Fund

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